Meal Plan & Recipes

A meal plan for three days full of delicious and healthy recipes and a printable shopping list on the top of that.

Common Questions

We answer the most common concerns regarding nutrients, eating out, organic food and much more.

Tips for Transitioning

More tips (regarding cravings, finding like-minded people etc. to make sure that you'll be able to stick to this lifestyle.

Vegan Education

Educate yourself and be prepared for the most common questions people might ask you.

Real actions

Transfer the tips into practice with Take Action Steps at the end of each lesson.

Useful tips

Get personal tips and advice during the course and join our private Facebook group.

  • Prepare Yourself
    When you've decided to go plant-based, do a little research and prepare yourself. What kind of foods should you focus on eating? After all, the vegan food pyramid is totally different from the conventional one that you were thought in school.
  • Start With The Pace That's Best For You
    Some people like to jump right into the plant-based diet – they go vegan overnight and never look back. However, for some people, a gradual transition can be a lot easier. You can start by eliminating red meat in the first week, then remove poultry, then fish, eggs and so on.
  • Think creatively about adaptation.
    A lot of folks assume that adapting a recipe to be vegan means replacing the meat or poultry with faux meat, a block of tofu, or tempeh. That's cool, but it can also be fun to think creatively and imaginatively about how to capture the essence of a traditional recipe without animal protein.
Lara Potter
Co-Founder of Be Smart Be Vegan

Our aim is to make a healthy plant-based diet and compassionate lifestyle work for you. We love sharing complex nutritional information in a simple manner, post our favourite whole food plant-based recipes, and answer common questions around this way of living here. This is a place for information, motivation, and open-mindedness. Judgement-free! We all had to start somewhere.

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